Stats of the Union Address

Forgive the title, but I’ve been looking through my stats and have found some interesting things and made some decisions about design moving forward.

First up, screen resolution. Over 85% of people accessing my site did so at a resolution at or exceeding a width of 1280px. That’s a change from even a year ago, when only about 65% of people ran at that resolution. It’s nice to see upgrades happening.

Next, browsers. IE comes in rocking about 15% of total hits, which made me go SQUEEEEEE. That’s an awesome number to see, and even better: IE6 usage at 0.87%.

Operating System was interesting – the overwhelming majority of people were using Windows (80%+) with Mac a “close” second at a little north of 15%. The other 4% was split roughly between linux and android. Of interest amongst Windows users, though, was the almost even split between XP and 7 (41% to 38%) with Vista a distant third.

Location was perhaps the most interesting thing for me, with nearly 40% of all traffic coming from the USA. Canada was a close second, and then the UK. From there, the list gets very interesting: India, Brazil, Phillipines, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, UAE.

Specific content that was accessed: mostly photos (about 80% of traffic was for photos).

So, I guess I’m going to aim at doing the following:

  • More future-facing (HTML5) website. Most users can handle it
  • More expansive design – I’ll aim for 1280 wide but degrade nicely.
  • Better mobile version – some people are looking from mobile, should accommodate them.
  • More photos! I haven’t touched my camera since my most recent familial addition. I should take more photos.

Vancouver and San Jose (and a bit about Toronto)

I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

There, I said it. I put it out there. The Leafs, they are my team. My jersey is a blue one. Every year, I hold on to the faint glimmer of hope that my team will make it into the playoffs. Not that they’ll win; just that they’ll get into the playoffs. That’s life as a Leafs fan.

However, they’re not my actual favourite team. Like most everyone else in the Leafs nation, I am mildly ashamed to say “I’m a Leafs fan,” especially during playoffs. Most of the time, I seriously dislike how they’re coached, managed and dealt with. Ron Wilson and Brian Burke are two of my least favourite hockey personages. Overall, my fandom is proximal and is also a result of marriage; I was a Leafs fan before I got married, but my wife’s family is a Leafs Family. I felt capitalization and boldness were both required there.

There are two other teams that I cheer for. My proximal fandom extends to Vancouver Canucks, as Vancouver’s the only other place I’ve lived. The Canucks have some of my favourite players, including my favourite line in hockey: Sedin, Sedin, and any other guy. I’m also a big Luongo fan, mostly because he always looks so surprised that he’s a hockey player during interviews. The second team is probably not a surprise if you have read the title of this post: it’s San Jose. Thornton, Marleau and Setoguchi are amazing to watch, and Niemi does everything he can to keep pucks out of his net. Moreover, San Jose is a tech town, supported by tech companies; what’s not to love?

This series is probably the pinnacle of the playoffs for me; I don’t really care about the other matchup. I don’t like how Boston plays (booooooooring), and Tampa Bay just seems like they shouldn’t have a team. It’s all about the Western Conference Final, and if the first two periods of this game mean anything, then it’s going to be an exciting matchup.

Sunny Skies Saga Solved

There has been follow up from [redacted]:

I do remember taking a picture similar a while back. While it was similar, you are right that it might not have been the same one. Sorry about that. I’ll try to dig up my picture for conformation.

Five minutes later, I received this:

I have found the picture on my old computer. While it is extremely similar, there are not any trees at the bottom and there are less clouds.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but accidents do occur sometimes.

Interesting way things turned out.

For all you crazy kids out there, I have one small piece of advice: it is better to hold your tongue and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. When you think you have found copyright infringement on things that you own, double check to make sure that the person in question has actually infringed on your intellectual property before accusing them of thieving and lying. It is good to check your facts so you don’t end up looking truly foolish.

And [redacted], if you are reading this, there are no hard feelings on my end of things.

Aphoenix’s Sunny Skies v. [Redacted]

Hello all! I got an interesting email from one [redacted]¬†about my my photo Sunny Skies. Here is the email, with Trevor’s email taken out.

I believe we have been in contact before. My picture, “Sunny Skies” is still up on your website. I would appreciate this being taken down, or at least some credit given. The reason I am ticked off about this is because that everyone on your comments page thinks that you took it, when we both know that is a lie. If this is not taken down within the month, further action will be taken.


There are a few things wrong with this email.

  1. I took this picture. I still have the camera somewhere, and I definitely have the original. I’m anal about pictures – I never delete them.
  2. I have never heard from [redacted] before. Sounds scammy to me.
  3. I hate vague threats about copyright infringement, especially when there’s no infringement.

I hastily penned a response, and just as hastily deleted it. It takes a bit of effort, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to be polite, right? Here is my response:

Hello [redacted],

We have not been in contact before; this is the first I’ve heard from you.

Unfortunately, I think there is some kind of confusion. While you may have a similar picture, Sunny Skies is one of mine; I still have the original and the camera that it was taken on, and the memory card that it was originally written to. I take false allegations about copyright infringement very seriously, and I do not appreciate being called a liar.

If you wish to pursue this matter further, please note that I will be making all contact between us public on my blog. I will take further contact to mean that you agree to my publishing of emails, letters, or any other form of communication.


Andrew Phoenix

I hope that stays within the bounds of civility. I was pretty angry when first reading; getting a take down notice regarding a photo that I took is aggravating, and it is even more so because this is one of my most pirated photos. It is used without attribution a lot – TinEye highlights just how much.

I guess it is time to wait and see what happens.

Good News Everyone!

In addition to reading this in the voice of Professor Farnsworth, you now know that my IE6 usage has dropped to well under 1%. To those of you still visiting in IE6, please take the time to complain to the internet cafe that you are browing from in Indonesia.

Yes, Google Analytics can be fairly specific…