Pandora has forsaken me

Yesterday I got an email from Tim Westergen, the Founder of I am now mildly upset, because Pandora has started filtering by IP addresses so that people outside of the United States are unable to listen to their service. Previously, they filtered by asking your Zip Code (which I’m sure everyone outside of the US entered as “90210”), but they’ve beefed up their security, I guess. The letter goes as follows:

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Pachelbel Is The Devil

Every mean thing I’ve ever wanted to say about Pachelbel’s Canon in D is said much better in this YouTube clip from Rob Paravonian.

The Video formerly found here, is still available from YouTube.

I would happily write more, but Paravonian says everything worth saying. Of note: I have made several of these jokes before but I was never able to string them all together like this guy.

5✭ Fridays – The Creepshow

it’s been a while since I’ve been able to write about music for a variety of reasons. First there’s the whole music player scandal, which is still bothering me quite a bit. There are no clear winners thus far, only clear losers. The only thing that’s keeping me going is Pandora, but it’s got a bit of a problem in that I can’t just select whatever song I’m jonesing to hear. So, once again, no music from my library. Problem the second: I’ve had the plague. It wasn’t too bad – sore throat, coughing, boils, rain of toads and the like – but I’ve been spending most of my time abed and not listening to music or thinking about writing. When I got back from being sick, my time was spent equally between catching up on 150 email messages and being excited about being able to go see (and open for) the Creepshow.

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Friday Frivolity

For anyone who was waiting with baited breath for my latest edition of 5✭ Fridays, I apologize. It will likely be posted on Tuesday now. I’m still having some music player issues.

For those keeping score, we’ve got iTunes solidly scrapped and uninstalled (I still use it on my Mac, but mostly to play CDs). WinAmp is running a strong game, but the rating thing isn’t as intuitive as I’d like it to be. I’m working on that. Right now, with an ever-so-slight lead is the dark horse; Windows Media Player. However, right now I’m barely listening to my own music library, because I’ve been enjoying Pandora.

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5✭ Fridays – Franz Liszt

These unplanned 5✭ Fridays are really entertaining for me – it’s fun trying to pull an unplanned and slightly unhinged article out of places that are best left unexplored. This week in music, we’re going to go for the Hail Mary pass and talk about Franz Liszt.

Franz Liszt (October 22, 1811 – July 31, 1886), was the Elvis of his day, which is to say he was a bit of a sex symbol. He gave autographs; he performed in front of thousands at a time; he slept around. He started out as a pianist (and is probably most renowned for his work as such) and was, quite possibly, the best pianist there has ever been. Many of his compositions reflect this – one must be a very skilled technical player to even attempt to play most Liszt pieces, and to play them well, one must be intensely passionate.

Huge hands help, too.

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